2 Free Infographics for You: The 4Cs and the 6 Trumps

First, many thanks to my blog readers for your patience in waiting for this newest post. I took a summer break from writing and now I’m back at the keyboard and creating like crazy! Here are two freebies for you to download, print, and use as you wish 🙂

“Infographics” are bite-sized bits of information in a colorful, easy-to-read format, with icons to accompany the content. There are many websites that offer free or affordable infographic templates.

Below are two of the four infographics I’ve created so far. Feel free to download and share these with others.

The 4Cs: Four Easy Steps for Designing and Delivering Great Training

This is an easy, quick, instructional design and delivery tool that can be used with any subject or topic and any size audience or class. Folks who have attended any of the “Training from the BACK of the Room” classes are familiar with this tool and use it regularly to design/deliver great training for both face-to-face and elearning environments. The source of this instructional design/delivery tool is my book Training from the BACK of the Room.

6 Brain Science Principles that Trump Traditional Teaching and Training

These are easy, helpful ways to move from traditional, lecture-based, instructor-centered instruction to a more successful, learner-centered, brain-friendly way of delivering information to others. These six brain-science principles are based on research from scientists, educators, psychologists, and technology experts. The principles are easy to put into practice – in fact, if you’re a successful teacher, trainer, instructor, or learning facilitator, you’re probably already using some or most of these brain-science principles. These six concepts form the foundation of my book Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick.

I encourage you to download, print, and use these two infographics to help you design and deliver more effective, brain-friendly classes, lessons, courses, and training programs.

The concepts, strategies, and activities mentioned in both of the above infographics are part of the 2-day “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) Practitioner Class being taught globally. If you’re interested in attending a public TBR Practitioner Class, please click on my website’s Training Calendar page. Members of my excellent team of TBR Certified Trainers are the facilitators for these classes 🙂



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