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A PERSONAL NOTE FROM SHARON: SlideShare is to slide presentations what YouTube is to videos. I have spent hours scouring SlideShare for the best and most image-rich slide presentations so that you don’t have to 🙂 Most of the presentations below have to do with various topics relating to learning, teaching, training, and presenting. A few are included because I liked the topic and thought that you might too. The most recently posted presentations are at the top of the list.

If you are interested in learning more about PowerPoint design tips and how to use slides effectively, check out SLIDES ABOUT POWERPOINT, a great collection of what to do – and not to do – with slides. I hope that you enjoy these excellent presentations – please feel free to share the slide links or this website page link with others.

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How Do You Want To E-Learn?
Sandra Pires Coach

The Maker as a Reflective Practitioner
from Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D

 You Are Not As Rational As You Think
by Yang Ao Wei

Rethinking Learning in the Age of Digital Fluency
Judy O’Connell

 5 Creative Principles for Remarkable Presentations
 Michelle Mazur

Good Design Faster at Design by Fire
Peter Boersma

Sketch Thinking
 Jose Berengueres

17 Ways Education Influences the 17 Global Goals
from Global Partnership for Education

The Essential #BestBooks Reading List for Content Marketers
from Content Marketing Institute

Sketchnote Mini-Workshop
by Mike Rohde

What to Write About When There’s Nothing to Say
from MarketingProfs (Artist: Veronica Jarski)

THREE Is Your New Favorite Number
Presentation Panda



  What Makes Content Memorable?
Bruce Kasanoff