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Created by Sharon Bowman, these micro-courses are short, image-rich, interactive slide presentations about a specific topic. In each micro-course, you are directed to do certain tasks so that you will be able to remember the content longer than if you just read the slides. And each micro-course will give you dozens of ways of using the information in your own classes and with your own teaching and training topics.

Instructions for Viewing Full Screen Slides on a Computer: Click on the small slanted arrow (bottom right of the slide screen) and use your left/right arrow keys (or the arrow icons) to advance the slides. Click on the “escape” key to exit full screen mode.

Instructions for Viewing on a Cell Phone or Tablet: Click on the title link of the Micro-Course. It will take you to where you will be able to advance the slides by swiping to the left. 

Instructions for Copying/Embedding the Micro-Courses: Click on the white arrow in the bottom left corner of the slide screen to copy the link or embed the presentation in a website or blog. Under the Creative Commons license, you are allowed to download and share the slide presentations as long as you cite the source and do not print, sell, nor alter them in any fashion.

For a Complimentary E-Book: Scroll to the bottom of the micro-courses to find out how to receive the little gem of a book “Presenting With Pizzazz!”

When They DO It, They’ve GOT It! How to Use Concrete Practice When Training 

Gearing Up for Bloom’s! An Introduction to Higher Order Thinking Skills

Preventing Death by PowerPoint!

How to Design Great Training: Begin with the End  in Mind

For a Complimentary E-Book “Presenting with Pizzazz!” – View one of the micro-courses above, then leave a comment about it below (at the bottom of this column). Your comment might be a short summary of the slide presentation, how you plan to use what you’ve learned, or your opinion about or reaction to the slide presentation. The little ebook is filled with quick activities to engage your learners right from the start and will be sent to you via email, once your comment has been approved and posted (usually within a day or two). Thanks, in advance, for commenting on a micro-course! 


  • Hi Sharon, I am very thankful for this presentation on Movement Trumps Sitting. I work in the agile space and I am a bit new to teaching large audiences. The tips in this presentation would allow me to provide more value in my learning sessions and develop my retrospectives even further. I like that the “body breaks”, are not just physical they involve introspection, they call for the learner to really think deep and internalise what they have learnt. You also didn’t leave us hanging you provided the script and you allowed us to experience the benefits of those actions by asking us to do it at the end of the presentation. Learning by doing, I can’t wait to read the other presentations. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge! Best regards, Kimberley

    • Thank you, Kimberley, for your detailed comments about the micro-course you found helpful – much appreciated! I just sent you an email with the complimentary ebook and a free infographic – I think you’ll find them helpful, as well. Enjoy! 🙂 Sharon

  • This is such great content! I’m gathering resources to sharpen the presentation skills of the frontline staff in my youth-serving non-profit and am SO glad to have found this!!

    • Hi Bryan: Thank you for your kind kudos about my micro-courses! The complimentary ebook is on its way, as is a free infographic I think you might find helpful too. Cheers! 🙂 Sharon

  • Dear Sharon, your micro-courses are just phenomenal! Death by Powerpoint, thumbs up-thumbs down! is a simple yet great way to engage your audience through the presentation and I plan to use it right away. I have also used the 4Cs framework in most of my work in designing and delivering learning experiences and it works brilliantly well, all the time!

    I regularly visit your website for inspiration whenever I need some and never got disappointed. There’s a wealth of information on your website packed in easy, simple to understand and use format. Thank you for being so inspiring, Sharon!

    • Hi Praveen: A very belated but very heartfelt thank you for your kind comments about my website’s Micro-Courses. Your kudos made my day and week and month! 😀 I’m glad you are finding all the strategies helpful in your own teaching and training. I’ve sent you an email with the complimentary ebook and two infographics that you are welcome to share with interested colleagues. Cheers to you and yours! 🙂 Sharon

  • I will definitely be more conscious of LOTS & HOTS type learning in my classes, and addressing each throughout courses!

    • Hi Duane: A very belated thank you for your kind comments about my website’s Micro-Courses (especially about “LOTS” and “HOTS”)! I’m glad you are finding the strategies helpful in your own teaching/training. Expect the complimentary ebook in your email. Cheers! 🙂 Sharon

  • Punchy and to the point, the 5 Tips for Interactive Webinars is a good reminder of brain theory in a virtual world. I’m so used to classroom training where you can react more readily to the mood of your participants. These tips will help me translate that content into memorable virtual courses. Thanks.

    • Hi Emma: A very belated but heartfelt thank you for your kind comments about my website’s Micro-Courses, especially “5 Tips for Interactive Webinars.” I’m glad you are finding the strategies helpful in your own teaching!

      Please do check out all my blog posts about virtual training, teaching, and learning – you’ll find useful instructional strategies for remote learning there, as well.

      I’ve emailed the complimentary ebook and one of my free infographics that I hope will be helpful too. Enjoy!:-) Sharon

  • Andrea M. Walker

    The micro course on Teaching Adults Anything in 4 Easy Steps is a very will be very helpful when preparing new training materials for the adult participants in my classes. The steps in this presentation are easy and should be a breeze to incorporate into my existing and new materials.

    • Glad you found the micro-course helpful, Andrea, especially the 4Cs Map. Two digital gifts are on their way to you via email. Cheers! Sharon

  • Sharon, micro course was filled with amazing information that I was able to put to use immediately with my training session .. Thanks for bringing and sharing these nuggets of wisdom with folks every where — It is awesome to hear that the concept indeed works with teenage kids too – LOL

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Ramesh Npri. Let me know how you use the concepts with teaching teenage kids! Two digital gifts are on their way to you via email. Cheers! Sharon

  • I’ve used your 4C model concepts for all training that I’ve done and the results are phenomenal. People walk away with ability to practically apply the learnings thank you for your amazing contribution to this field. It has made my work as a coach and trainer so much more fulfilling as my adult learners are engaged and actively participate. I’ve just went through the slide share above on concrete practice and it just reinforces to me the steps to follow and how important the flow of the 4C model is creating new neuropathways enabling people to find the fun again in learning as it should be!!

    Kind Regards

    • I agree with you, Seems, that the 4Cs Map is very helpful. Thank you for your detailed comments! Two digital gifts are on their way to you via email. Cheers! Sharon

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