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Virginia, USA

 What Participants Are Saying About
“Training from the BACK of the Room!”

“Lively, participatory, and so relevant to meeting the needs of the changing work environment. This training helps trainers and managers assess and create training that will quickly incorporate new employees and provide guidance and support for seasoned employees. The training allows you to plan and develop a safe, yet challenging, transition to the future.” Pam White, Training Specialist, CO Dept. of Labor and Employment

“Best training I ever attended! The lessons I experienced were hands-on and , best of all, ALL reproducible in my own training. Thank you, Sharon!”Danielle Limogos, Global Account Training Manager, Novartis Pharmaceutical

“Dynamic, life-changing! A must for ANY trainer – new or experienced! This workshop should be mandatory for ALL who do training. The information, tools and techniques that we learned will forever change how we conduct training. Impactful and applicable regardless of what type of industry you are in.” Candace Geisler, Corporate Trainer, Securian

“This session brought a sparkle to my eyes, a smile to my face, and a skip to my step!! It renewed my commitment to, and passion for, my job – energetic, fun, valuable!” Jane Myerson, High School Teacher, Rhinebeck Central School District, NY

“Dynamic, informative, and interesting … helped me get excited about changing my presentation format.” Jean Opperman, Learning Coordinator, Harley-Davidson Financial Services

“This was, indeed, the most interactive, high-energy, and fast-paced workshop where hands-on learning is done and, most importantly, remembered.” Joy Holladay, High School Teacher, Clark County School District, NV

“Collaborative, engaging, fun! Breaks the mold of traditional teaching methods by introducing new, enriching, and engaging activities to facilitate learning.” Brent Chellter, Technical Accounting Manager, Rally Corporation, CO

“Wonderful and perfectly prepared materials, ideas, and concepts. It was fun, too!” Stefan Huber, Agile Coach, it-Agile, Germany

“A can-do, results-oriented experience! Focused, empowering, energizing – takes the best of the best, and then challenges you to be better, with ease!!” Jackye McClare, San Jose State University, CA

“I’d already read Sharon’s book and had been trying to practice the techniques. Attending the class helped me enormously because: I got to share it with my colleagues, I was able to check back with Sharon about things I had been doing, and I was able to make a real connection with a person as opposed to a book.” Ken Clyne, Agile Coach, Rally Corporation, CO

“All teachers, trainers, and professors would benefit from Sharon’s engaging training – so many ideas that engage learners and that make training stick. Thank you! Thank you!” Beverly Woolery, Director, Educator Preparation Institute, Polk College, FL