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Here are some excellent articles about topics related to learning, teaching, training, and the human brain. The sources of these articles are contributing authors, as well as writers for various magazines and other news outlets. The most recently posted articles are at the top of the list.

Pecha-Kucha: An Engaging Mini-Lecture and More
Author: Kelly Pfeiffer
An informative blog post about a mini-lecture format that is quickly becoming a global sensation in teaching and training circles. The blog introduces you to Pecha-Kucha and gives you more resources to explore.

sketchnotes03-optHow to Get Started with Sketchnotes
Not sure how to take notes in a quick, interesting, visual format? Check out this article by Elizabeth Irgens in Smashing Magazine (November 2014).

Visual Sketchnotes from the Vee Hive Blog
Artist Veronica Maria Jarski’s blog post, with a visually-rich collection of “sketchnoting” examples.

Flexible Learning Newsletter, Madison College WI
A well-written, informative, and reader-friendly newsletter with lots of Accelerated Learning articles and tips. 

Why America’s Obsession with STEM Education is Dangerous
Editorial writer, author, and commentator Fareed Zakaria’s excellent article in the Washington Post on the advantages of offering liberal arts and humanities in America’s colleges and universities, instead of dropping them in favor of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

6 Important Things to Know about How Your Brain Learns by Belle Beth Cooper and contributed here by Tony Harper, Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room”

Stand Up While You Read This!
NY Times article that begins with “Your chair is your enemy!” Read on!

Blogging for Learning: Mullling it Overblogging-for-learning

Author: Silvia Rosenthall Tolisano
See the next entry for more about Silvia and her outstanding Langwitches Blog for educators.





Professional Development: Got a Twitter Minute?

Author: Silvia Rosenthall Tolisano
Silvia Tolisano is a consultant, coach, and author of the excellent Langwitches Blog (click here for subscription). This blog posting contains an image-rich example of her “Sketchnote” about 60-second strategies from The Ten-Minute Trainer. Silvia’s website is Globally Connected Learning.


Teacher Spends Two Days as a Student and is Shocked at What She Learns
A Washington Post article that is a “must-read” for anyone working in traditional educational institutions, especially high schools and colleges.

Applying the 4Cs Map to Enhancing Team PerformanceBSCG9
Author: Salah Elleithy
Sallah Elleithy is the Managing Consultant and Learning Facilitator for SparkAgility, a training and consulting company with a focus on enabling agility and enhancing team performance.

The Science of Learning: Best Approaches for Your Brain
Author: Mark Levison
Mark Levison is an Agile Software Development trainer who also specializes in applying cognitive neuroscience to classroom-based instruction and coaching software development teams. For more about Mark and the links to his articles, click here or you can access his personal blog here.

Adventures in Accelerated Learning
Author: Roger Brown
Roger Brown is a coach and trainer in the world of Agile Software Development, a team-based approach to creating innovative products. He has an interest in the application of neuroscience to learning, creativity, and collaboration. You can correspond with Roger on his professional blog at www.agilecoachjournal.com or his personal blog at www.infinitedigress.com.

Training Scrum? Try It from the BACK of the RoomAgileLL9
Author: Lonnie Weaver-Johnson
About the Author: Lonnie Weaver-Johnson is an Agile coach and Scrum trainer and the the president of LWJ Solutions, a training and coaching company focusing on Agile implementations.

Brain Freeze! I Can’t Think
A thought-provoking article from Newsweek Magazine on the effects of information overload on the brain’s decision-making abilities.

Communicating Future Threats: The Hyperbolic Brain
An intriguing article on why the brain pays more attention to short-term threats (eg. heart pain or severe weather) rather than long-term ones (eg. obesity or global warming).

BSCG52Can You Build a Better Brain?
Newsweek Magazine article with some interesting observations about the three best things you can do to keep your brain fit for life.

Reading the Tells
Author: Jerry Balistreri
Jerry Balistreri is a professional educator, administrator, and trainer. His training on how to read body language leaves participants wanting more and creates a memorable learning experience. This is valuable information for anyone who wants to learn to communicte more effectively. More about Jerry and his “Reading the Tells” workshop can be found on his website at www.readingthetells.com.