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“5 Ways to Add Movement To Your Virtual Classes” Contributed by Teri Frith

(NOTE: This blog post was written by TBR Certified Trainer Teri Frith): When it comes to learning, we know that “Movement Trumps Sitting.”  Finding ways to build movement into activities in the virtual classroom is more challenging than in the in-person classroom. This means that we trainers need to be more deliberate in including learner movement as often as possible.

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4 Suggestions for Learning – and Teaching – in a Virtual World (reposted)

The human brain evolved over millions of years to learn “on-the-fly,” that is, while the physical environment was constantly changing. The brains of our ancestors adapted to change slowly, over time, and perfected certain learning behaviors. The current situation with the global pandemic has exponentially increased our need to do the same, only faster.

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“Reduce Zoom Fatigue with ‘Cameras-Off’ Learning Activities” Contributed by Kelly Pfeiffer

(Note: This blog post is contributed by TBR Certified Trainer Kelly Pfeiffer): If you’re using Zoom to teach a virtual class, the reason you’re doing so is to ensure that you can see the participants and they can see you, right? When people are learning together, visual cues are extremely helpful, except when they’re not! It turns out that too

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“Is Live Virtual Training Really Helping Learners?” Contributed by Jean-Paul Bayley

Eight-hour training days may be the norm for in-person training, but it’s a poor format for live virtual training. The overwhelming temptation for trainers is to maintain the status quo when offering classes online. However, this flies in the face of science, academic practices, and decades of professional reports of successful virtual learning experiences.

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