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“6 Ways to Quit Bullet Points with Style” by Podium Wisdom

On this website, you have, at your fingertips, dozens of slide presentations (“Slides About PowerPoint”) that give you hundreds of ways to create awesome slide decks, without boring your audiences to death. Here is my latest discovery – a slide presentation that is so fantastic that I had to create a new blog post just for it.

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The Backwards Brain Bicycle by “Smarter Every Day”

In this fabulous new video by “Smarter Every Day,”  you’ll see a “hands-on” demonstration (literally!) of neuroplasticity, and how your brain hardwires anything it learns to the point that it is very challenging for you to unlearn it. You’ll also see what happens when you unlearn something, then try to relearn it. This great brain experiment uses a tool we’re all familiar with: a bicycle!

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From Low Risk to High Risk

You already know that learner-to-learner interactions – paired, small groups, or class discussions about content – significantly increase long-term memory of the information being discussed. But the problem most trainers face is how to begin that kind of interaction when learners don’t yet know each other and don’t feel psychologically safe with each other yet.

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