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Ken Robinson on Flourishing (An RSA Short)

An “RSA Short” (tagline: “Espresso for the Mind”) is a short (obviously) animated video created by RSAnimate that covers one specific concept. In this video, Sir Kenneth Robinson speaks about the importance of flourishing and how both education and organizations impact this essential human need. His unforgettable ending to this RSA Short makes it well worth the two minutes it takes to view it.

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11 Things That Make You More Productive Than Coffee

Sometimes it’s the most obvious thing that you might need a gentle reminder about, especially when the pace of your workday feels frenetic and leaves you exhausted at the day’s end. So when I came across this informative slide presentation, I thought you might find it interesting and helpful. Grab one or two ideas and try them out – and enjoy!

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Gearing Up with Bloom’s: An Introduction to 6 Thinking Skills

Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain (a fancy term for six critical thinking skills) has been around for a very long time and is still taught as part of educational pedagogy in most colleges and universities across the USA. Although many educators and trainers are familiar with Bloom’s, the percentage of them that deliberately design courses and programs using Bloom’s is probably quite small. Why?

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