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sharon1About Sharon Bowman

Sharon Bowman is the president of Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc. She has been a professional speaker, author, teacher, and trainer for over fifty years. She works with businesses and educational institutions that want to offer exceptional in-house training and professional development programs.

Hear what California’s ATD Master Trainer, Katrina Kennedy, says about Sharon: Testimonial from Katrina Kennedy.

Sharon is the author of seven popular training books, including the global best-selling Pfeiffer/Wiley books titled Training from the BACK of the Room and The Ten-Minute Trainer.

Another of her most popular books for corporate trainers and classroom teachers is the best-seller Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick.

Sharon is the leader of a team of global trainers who have been certified to teach the official 2-day “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) Practitioner Class. Click HERE for more information about the most active TBR Certified Trainers – what they do, what countries they are from, and their passion for excellence in adult instruction.

The TBR Certified Trainers facilitate the TBR Practitioner Classes around the world. These are interactive, informative, and unforgettable learning experiences. In the TBR Practitioner Classes, learners never sit long: they actively participate throughout the entire 2-day train-the-trainer program.

If you decide to attend a TBR Practitioner Class, you’ll take your own teaching and training skills to a new, exciting, and more advanced level. Your classes and training programs will never be the same again!

Click HERE or HERE for the public calendar of TBR Practitioner Classes being offered around the world.

TBRWkbkCoverFinalA4 1About Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc.

Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc. provides books, resources, and training for corporate trainers, college instructors, school teachers, and other learning specialists who want to enhance their instructional design and delivery skills.

Since 1997, the company has assisted businesses and educational institutions at all levels in creating exceptional staff development and train-the-trainer programs. Over 500,000 of the company’s books are now in print.

For more information, or for quantity book orders of the Bowperson Publishing & Training books at substantial discounts, please contact Bowperson Publishing and ask for Ross Barnett, Book Distribution Manager.


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