The tips and articles include excerpts from Sharon's books, workshops, and conference sessions, as well as contriubutions from different authors. Slide presentations are by Sharon and a variety of authors who have posted presentations on www.slideshare.net.


Use 60-second activities to help learners review, repeat, and remember.

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 Worksheet for How to Design Great Training: Begin with the End in Mind
Download this PDF-formatted page and use it when you participate in the micro-course by the same name above.

Movement Trumps Sitting
View more presentations from Sharon Bowman


Get your free downloaded recording
of Sharon's webinar hosted by HRDQ:
Brain-Based Presenting!
Getting the Brain to Pay Attention


Heard it All Before? A New Age of Lectures
Written by educational researcher Nicole Foster for bestcollegesonline.com, this in-depth article explores the following topics: Why Lectures? Lectures in the Digital Era. How to Keep You Lectures Alive.

Looking Beyond Lecture: An excellent article from the Washington Post about how U.S. colleges are rethinking their use of lecture as their primary instructional tool.


YouTube Videos about Creativity and Education

The Power of Networks, by Manuel Lima, RSAnimate

Changing Education Paradigms by Ken Robinson, RSAnimate

The Divided Brain by Iain Gilchrist, RSAnimate

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson, RSAnimate

Brain Rules (trailer) by John Medina

Rethinking Learning: Introduction to Brain Rules
by John Medina

Rethinking Learning: The Twenty-First Century Learner by MacArthur Foundation

How Coaching Works by Coach Meg and Wellcoaches


The Six Trumps Workshop

In Sharon's newest book, Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick, there is a facilitator's guide for a 45-minute workshop introducing audiences to the six learning principles. The following links are for the materials that accompany the workshop:

The Six Trumps Workshop Slide Set
The Six Trumps Workshop Postcards
The Six Trumps Workshop Table Cards


From The Accidental Trainer's
Live Audio Interviews:

Using the Ordinary to Make
Your Training Extraordinary

The brain screens out the ordinary or boring. Listen to this free audio interview as Sharon shares affordable tips on how to make your training extraordinary by using everyday items like index cards and pipe cleaners. She also discusses how to make your training an EPIC learning experience: Emotional, Participatory, Image- rich, & Connected to learners' lives. Click HERE.

The Accidental Trainer is an online forum and community for all "accidental" trainers – from one-person training departments, to HR folks with training responsibilities, to managers who are the sole source of training and development for their employees. TAT's goal is for trainers to stop reinventing the wheel and start sharing resources! For more about The Accidental Trainer, and to browse its website of excellent resources, articles, and interviews, click HERE.


Articles and Book Excerpts

Take-a-Stand: Connecting Learners to Learners and Learners to the Topic
From: THe Ten-Minute Trainer!

Postcard Partners: Making a Connection
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer!

Brain Freeze! I Can't Think
Note: This is a thought-provoking article on the effects of information overload on the brain's decision-making abilities; from Newsweek Magazine, published March 7th 2011.

Changing Education Paradigms by RSAnimate
Note: This is an excellent YouTube presentation (in cartoon format) on the history of education in the U.S.A. and other countries; includes some surprising insights into changing the outdated paradigms of instruction.

Communicating Future Threats: The Hyperbolic Brain
Note: This is an intriguing article on why the brain pays more attention to short-term threats (eg. heart pain or severe weather) rather than long-term ones (eg. obesity or global warming).

Can You Build a Better Brain?
Note: This is the latest Newsweek Magazine article on the brain. It contains some interesting observations about the three best things you can do to keep your brain fit for life.

Six Trumps: The Brain Science That Makes Training Stick
Note: This is an excerpt of Sharon's newest book, Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick. The article summarizes six brain science principles that are easy to remember and use in any instructional setting.

Reading the Tells
Author: Jerry Balistreri
About the Author:
Jerry Balistreri is a professional educator, administrator, and trainer. His training on how to read body language leaves participants wanting more and creates a memorable learning experience. This is valuable information for anyone who wants to learn to communicte more effectively. More about Jerry and his "Reading the Tells" workshop can be found on his website at www.readingthetells.com.

Adventures in Accelerated Learning
Author: Roger Brown
About the Author:
Roger Brown is a coach and trainer in the world of Agile Software Development, a team-based approach to creating innovative products. He has an interest in the application of neuroscience to learning, creativity, and collaboration. You can correspond with Roger on his professional blog at www.agilecoachjournal.com or his personal blog at www.infinitedigress.com.

The Science of Learning: Best Approaches for Your Brain
Author: Mark Levison
About the Author: Mark Levison is an Agile Software Development trainer who also specializes in applying cognitive neuroscience to classroom-based instruction and coaching software development teams. For more about Mark and the links to his articles, click here or you can access his personal blog here.

60-Second Interactive Review Strategies for the Harley-Davidson Rider's Edge New Rider Course
Note: Although written for motorcycle safety instructors, the interactive strategies in this article can be used with other topics, as well.

Color Your Brain!
Note: This worksheet was part of the Concept Centers activity during Sharon's opening session at the Teaching for a Change 2009 Conference in Flagstaff AZ

Sharin' with Sharon
From: Training Treasures Magazine, 9/08
This article was published in the September 2008 edition of Training Treasures Magazine.

Myth or Fact Brain Game
Note: This simple card-sorting game deals with the brain research that supports human learning.

Ten Tips for Interactive E-Learning
From: Training Treasures Magazine, 6/08
This article was published in the June 2008 edition of Training Treasures Magazine.

Wake 'Em Up! 7 Tips for Interactive E-Learning.
From: Training from the BACK of the Room!

Bag It! A Quick and Remarkably Easy Instructional Design Process.
From: Training from the BACK of the Room!

Powerpoint® Unplugged - Part One: 7 Ways to Transform a Slide Show into a Learning Tool.

Learners Teaching Learners: A Powerful Way to TrainFrom: Training from the BACK of the Room!

Stand, Stretch and Speak: Using Topic-Related Energizers.
From: Preventing Death by Lecture!

The Gallery Walk: An Opening, Closing, and Review Activity.
From: How To Give It So They Get It.
Note: A more detailed version is found in: The Ten-Minute Trainer.

When Your Message Matters: Four Ways to Make It Stick.

Terrific Tips for Crowd Control.
From: Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Nifty Notes: Involving Learners with Graphic Organizers

I See What You Say!
From: Nevada Business Journal


Move About When In Doubt!
From: Las Vegas Health Magazine

Refilling Your Own Pitcher.
From: Going Lightly!

60-Second Pop-Ups!
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer!

The Magic of Metaphor!
From: Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

The Walkabout: A Cool Way to Take a Summer Break.
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer!

Rapid Learning Stations: Learning a Lot in a Little Time.
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer!

Get a CLUE: Four Elements to Increase Motivation and Memory in Learning.
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer!

Birds-of-a-Feather: A Unique and High-Energy Way to Begin a Training Session.

Marking the Middle: Involving Learners in the Middle of a Lecture.

Let the Compass be Your Guide: Two Powerful Training Design and Delivery Tools
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer!

60-Second Shout Outs.
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer!

Grab that Spoon!
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer!

Working Together and Making It Work: Basic Human Needs and the Strategic Planning Process.
Authors:Sharon Bowman and Laura Moriarty www.tahoetrainingpartners.com

Drawing a Blank!
From: Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Make Your Next Training an EPIC Experience!

You Said It But Did They Get It? How To Check For Understanding.

Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Business.

Teach It Quick and Make It Stick! Ten Tips from Sharon Bowman’s Train-the-Trainer Workshop.

Nine Interactive Things To Do With A Workbook Or Handout.
From: Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Eight Characteristics of Accelerated Learning.

Seven Tips for Turning Listeners into Learners.
From: Preventing Death by Lecture!

Eight Training Reminders from Sharon Bowman’s Train-the-Trainer Workshop




Applying the 4Cs Map to Enhancing Team Performance
Author: Salah Elleithy
About the Author:
Sallah Elleithy is the Managing Consultant and Learning Facilitator for SparkAgility a training and consulting company with a focus on enabling agility and enhancing team performance. This article is a "must read" for Agile and Scrum trainers who plan to attend "Training from the BACK of the Room" or the Trainer Certification Course.

Training Scrum? Try It from the BACK of the Room
Author: Lonnie Weaver-Johnson
About the Author:
Lonnie Weaver-Johnson is an Agile coach and Scrum trainer and the the president of LWJ Solutions, a training and coaching company focusing on Agile implementations.



corporate TRAINING that ROCKS from Coach Bay

Take Ten!

For two more free, ten-minute micro-courses, click on the links below. Learn how to make any online training program, self-study, or computer-based program more interactive.

Three Tips for Interactive E-Learning

Three Brain Science Facts to Enhance E-learning


The Joy of Quiet. A New York Times article about gifting yourself with some technology breaks so that you can reconnect with family, friends, and your own spirit in 2012.

Happy New Year 2012. A lovely inspirational YouTube video to greet the New Year.

The Broken Place. An updated version of my Slide Share gift to you for the holidays and for 2012. Enjoy!


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